How can the structure and physical chemistry of dietary fibre help make healthier foods

Lead Research Organisation: University of East Anglia
Department Name: Graduate Office


Indigestible carbohydrates (dietary fibres) benefit health, by e.g. reducing cholesterol levels and maintaining healthy gut function. However, the physico-chemical mechanisms underlying these effects are not clear. Dietary fibres exist in many molecular forms, and we want to determine how these varied forms behave during digestion. The student will use a range of in vitro digestion models and other physical and chemical methods to discover how the physical chemistry of these complex carbohydrates can influence digestive processes. This research would help improve dietary advice and the design of healthier foods.


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Studentship Projects

Project Reference Relationship Related To Start End Student Name
BB/R505146/1 01/04/2018 31/03/2022
2022040 Studentship BB/R505146/1 01/04/2018 31/03/2022 Kathrin Haider