Functional Supramolecular Materials for Energy Storage Devices

Lead Research Organisation: University of Cambridge
Department Name: Chemistry


The project will explore synthetic routes to prepare dynamic supramolecular gels for use in energy storage devices, such as batteries, solar and fuel cells. These polymer networks, which are non-covalently crosslinked, will enhance material performance through their mechanical properties including stretchability, flexibility, high toughness and their ability to self heal and repair. The functional supramolecular materials will be prepared with monomers that impart a level of conductivity to the gel. Mechanical characterisation (Young's modulus, elongation at break, toughness, etc.), conductivity measurements as a function of the stretching ratio and adhesion properties of the supramolecular materials with a variety of substrates will all be tested. When satisfactory mechanical behaviour, conductivity and adhesion properties are achieved, the scalability and potential for mass production of the networks will be evaluated. An overall objective of the project is to gain a fundamental understanding of the chemical nature behind the supramolecular gel electrolytes their intrinsic ionic environment.


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EP/R512461/1 01/10/2017 30/09/2021
2029091 Studentship EP/R512461/1 01/04/2018 30/09/2021 Beini Zhan