Search for and measurements of doubly-charmed baryons at the LHCb experiment

Lead Research Organisation: University of Glasgow
Department Name: School of Physics and Astronomy


Baryons are sub-atomic particles consisting of three quarks, and the first baryon containing two heavy (b or c) quarks have recently been discovered by the LHCb Experiment. This has opened up a new area of research area, to search for other doubly-heavy baryons and to measure the masses and lifetimes of these particles. This research project focusses on a search for the isospin partner of the discovered particle, the [Xi]_cc^+ baryon with quark content (ccd), in the decay mode [Xi]_cc^+[rightwards arrow][Xi]_c^+ [pi]^+ [pi]^- using data collected by the LHCb Experiment. The project also includes developments towards the upgrade of the LHCb detectors, specifically on development of control software and contributing to the commissioning of the detector.


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