Comparison of Dominica and Anguilla and their Recovery of Primary Education Following the 2017 Hurricane Season.

Lead Research Organisation: Newcastle University
Department Name: Sch of Geog, Politics and Sociology


The 2017 Hurricane season within the Caribbean brought
immense devastation and death to several islands, resulting in it
being labelled as one of the worst hurricane seasons on record.
This research aims to analyse and interrogate the context,
challenges, and practices of the disaster recovery of the primary
education system. It will compare the islands of Anguilla and
Dominica to examine the changing development agendas in the
contemporary socio-political climate, such as those of the changing
EU regimes. This research will be carried out in collaboration with
the UNICEF Office for the Eastern Caribbean and Anguilla's
Ministry of Social Development; collaboration is key to this
research and it aims to bring together several non-governmental
and governmental agencies working in the area. The research will
employ a postcolonial, feminist mixed-methods approach to ensure
both breadth and depth of learning under a strong ethical
framework. The main forms of data collection will be semistructured
interviews and quantitative statistical analysis of
secondary data on development indicators. Analysis will examine
and measure the impact of: international development regimes,
local political responses, the schools' capability to respond
independently, and their mechanisms to do so. Overall, this
research aims to promote cohesive learning within disaster
recovery to aid future responses, which is particularly important
given the increased risks posed for the region by climate change.


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