Augmented Music Interaction and Gamification

Lead Research Organisation: Bournemouth University
Department Name: Faculty of Media and Communication


ROLI is developing a roadmap towards a vision of promoting the joy in the making of music, by reducing the entry barriers to music creation and empowering everyone to express themselves through music creation.
Current music related digital entertainment products are mostly outdated; the "Guitar Hero" and "Singstar" style of interactions still dominate the music games market. Existing music games have yet to take advantage of human-machine interface technologies or mediums such as virtual reality and augmented reality. More importantly the current entertainment experience contributes little to learning actual musical skills and music creation.
This EngD project will investigate new ways to make the experience of learning and creating music more fun and engaging through technology-driven gamification; and also explore specific creative solutions to the above challenges.

Planned Impact

The Centre's purpose in the broadest sense is to have an economic impact by training industry-ready researchers to the highest standard.

Our chosen sectors within digital media are ones known to have a shortage of such people. From our previous experience with the Centre's partner companies, we have made significant changes in this Proposal to ensure that we are keeping up with what our graduates need to stay ahead in an internationally-competitive world.

Graduates will be the research leaders of the future, trained in technical, business and venture skills. They will be innovators, in some cases visionaries, and will make a significant high-level contribution to the companies they create or for which they work.


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