Mathematical modelling of fluid flows related to cleaning and decontamination problems

Lead Research Organisation: University of Manchester
Department Name: Mathematics


The project objective is to find a model to describe the propagation of a fluid in a crack or a fracture in a concrete material.
In the Sellafield site, concrete material is extensively used to contain radioactive wastes. Nevertheless, while a thick concrete layer represents a good protection against alpha, beta and, gamma radiations, it also exhibit structural defects like cracks and fractures.
To guarantee the safety of the nuclear site, we need to understand how the material waste contained in a pond surrounded by concrete walls propagates/infiltrates inside the cracks and fractures of the walls. Moreover, we also need to pin down the impact of that infiltration phenomenon on the concrete.
To this goal, two model of cracks may be considered. In the first model, the geometry of the crack is fixed and we would like to determine how deep the fluid goes inside. In the second model, the geometry of the crack is time dependent and therefore can vary. The objective with this second model is to determine first how fast the geometry of the crack evolves and then how it influences the propagation of the fluid inside.


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