Can there be only one? Exploring heterogeneity in RNA splicing at single-cell resolution

Lead Research Organisation: University of East Anglia
Department Name: Graduate Office


Alternative splicing is a key mechanism by which cells generate functional diversity from individual genes, however, it is not yet will understood if individual cells express a single or multiple alternatively spliced isoforms. In this project, we aim to unravel the complexity of alternative splicing in blood stem cells - to see how these cells regulate expression of individual isoforms as part of their functional heterogeneity,

The successful applicant will develop and apply cutting-edge techniques in single-cell genomics to explore this question. The Macaulay group has world-leading expertise in single-cell genomics and a strong background in blood cell formation and function, and secondary supervisor Wilfried Haerty has expertise in developing bioinformatics tools for the analysis of single-cell data. The student will be trained in both wet- and dry- lab techniques to take a fundamental biological question and develop and apply new tools to provide an unequivocal answer.

The student will gain a unique and influential skill set in cellular genomics, through training in haematopoietic stem cell biology and isolation by (FACS), single-cell genomics, NGS technology development and bioinformatics.


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