The Cultural Value of the Natural Voice Approach to Group Singing

Lead Research Organisation: Royal College of Music
Department Name: Research


The project seeks to complement existing scientific understanding of the wellbeing effects of group singing
by developing a comprehensive phenomenological understanding of practitioner and participant
experiences, leading to enhanced knowledge of the complex ways in which group singing demonstrates
cultural value as part of UK cultural life. It will actively address the need to 'put the experience of individuals
back at the heart of ideas about cultural value' (Crossick and Kaszynska, 2016, p. 5) as well as ensuring that
'singing group leaders are given a voice along with the participants' views, to obtain input from those 'on the
ground' (Dingle et al., 2019, p. 10) when it comes to research into group singing. More broadly, this project
will explore the contribution that 'grass roots' networks of informal, accessible and participatory arts
practice like NVN can make in helping realise the creative capabilities of a broad population, leading to an
enhanced understanding of cultural value and cultural democracy (Crossick and Kaszynska, 2016; Gross et
al., 2017; Neelands et al., 2015).


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