Decolonising UK Drill to Rhyme Truth With Identity

Lead Research Organisation: University of Sussex
Department Name: Sch of Media, Film and Music


The purpose of this research is to explore how UK Drill musicians merge African oral traditions and risktaking
speech to reconstruct their diasporic identity. This will be guided by a decolonised perspective.
The founders GRM Daily and SBTV (the two largest UK Drill platforms) will act as gatekeepers to ensure
appropriate participants contribute to this study. Throughout my eight years work experience, I have
worked closely with these organisations. Additionally, a variety of data collection will be utilised. Data
collection methods will include; participant observations, artefacts interviews and field notes. Once data
has been collected, a thematic analysis will be undertaken as it provides a rich and detailed account of
Additionally, as an individual of black ethnicity, this research will work towards proving that the
attainment gap is capable of being subjugated. It will then be projected that more BAME individuals will
be encouraged to study postgraduate courses.


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