Dante's dialogue with Cino da Pistoia

Lead Research Organisation: University of Leeds
Department Name: Sch of Languages, Cultures and Societies


The dialogue between Dante and poets contemporary to him represents a topic which has been
widely studied; but what has not been fully explored is the relationship between Dante (1265-1321)
and Cino da Pistoia (c. 1270 - 1336/37). Yet Cino was mentioned by Dante in the "De Vulgari Eloquentia" - 'cinus Pistoriensis et amicus eius' - on numerous occasions, as one of the greatest proponents of the 'stilnovo'. This PhD thesis will fill the gap in the scholarship, discussing the processes through which both Dante's and Cino's poetry exerted a mutual influence, and exploring how the bond between the two poets might have had an influence on the composition of Dante's "Commedia". Even though many scholars have touched on aspects of these issues, there is not a comprehensive work that draws together all relevant aspects of the question. This will be achieved by focusing on two key themes which are prominent in Cino's work and poetics: love and exile. A double path can be underlined: lyric love poetry is the common ground between Dante and Cino but, even if Dante finds a reliance on love poetry inadequate, Cino seems to find another, more political path and, as a consequence of his harsh experience of exile. Hence, exile and love can be considered the starting points of a new kind of poetry which, in a certain way, divides the two poets instead of creating a bond.


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