Analogue and Digital Forms of Resistance and Solidarity among Moroccan Women Agricultural Workers in Southern Spain

Lead Research Organisation: University of Leeds
Department Name: Sch of Fine Art History of Art&Cult Stud


While migration and borders are well researched, including the Morocco-Spain migration route in particular, there is little research on Moroccan women working in agriculture in southern Spain specifically and even less on their agency and resistance1. Furthermore, the effects media (which refers to mass communication) on collective consciousness are areas of study particularly prevalent in the post-industrial 'mediated' world , especially concerning conflict such as the 'Arab Spring' , however these subjects have been little explored as tools of resistance/solidarity movements of migrant workers. This research will be mutually beneficial to both academia and those the research affects, achieving a higher level of understanding as to how media can be a form of/aid resistance, solidarity and thus, collective healing, which has the potential to illuminate migration policy and agricultural reform more generally.


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