Response of Jupiter's and Saturn's auroral activity to the solar wind, Journal of Geophysical Research (2009)

First Author: Clarke, JT And Nichols, J And GĂ©rard, JC And Grodent, D And Hansen, KC And Kurth, W And Gladstone, GR And Duval, J And Wannawichian, S And Bunce, E And Cowley, SWH And Crary, F And Dougherty, M And Lamy, L And Mitchell, D And Pryor, W And Retherford, K And Stallard, T And Zieger, B And Zarka, P And Cecconi, B
Attributed to:  Comparative planetary infrared aurorae funded by STFC


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Volume: 114

Parent Publication: Journal of Geophysical Research