The VVV Survey of the Milky Way: first year results (2011)

First Author: {Minniti}, D. And {Clari{\'a}}, J.~J. And {Saito}, R.~K. And {Hempel}, M. And {Lucas}, P.~W. And {Rejkuba}, M. And {Toledo}, I. And {Gonzalez}, O.~A. And {Alonso-Garc{\'{\i}}a}, J. And {Irwin}, M.~J. And {Gonzalez-Solares}, E. And {Cross}, N. And {Ivanov}, V.~D. And {Soto}, M. And {D{\'e}k{\'a}ny}, I. And {Angeloni}, R. And {Catelan}, M. And {Am{\^o}res}, E.~B. And {Gurovich}, S. And {Emerson}, J.~P. And {Lewis}, J. And {Hodgkin}, S. And {Pietrukowicz}, P. And {Zoccali}, M. And {Sale}, S.~E. An


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Type: Other

Volume: 54

Parent Publication: Boletin de la Asociacion Argentina de Astronomia La Plata Argentina