Probing the accelerating Universe with radio weak lensing in the JVLA Sky Survey (2013)

First Author: Brown, ML And Abdalla, FB And Amara, A And Bacon, DJ And Battye, RA And Bell, MR And Beswick, RJ And Birkinshaw, M And Böhm, V And Bridle, S And Browne, IWA And Casey, CM And Demetroullas, C And Lin, TE And Ferreira, PG And Garrington, ST And Grainge, KJB And Gray, ME And Hales, CA And Harrison, I And Heavens, AF And Heymans, C And Hung, CL And Jackson, NJ And Jarvis, MJ And Joachimi, B And Kay, ST And Kitching, TD And Leahy, JP And Maartens, R And Miller, L And Muxlow, TWB And Myers, ST And Ni


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