The early- and late-time spectral and temporal evolution of GRB050716 (2007)

First Author: {Rol}, E. And {Osborne}, J.~P. And {Page}, K.~L. And {McGowan}, K.~E. And {Beardmore}, A.~P. And {O'Brien}, P.~T. And {Levan}, A.~J. And {Bersier}, D. And {Guidorzi}, C. And {Marshall}, F. And {Fruchter}, A.~S. And {Tanvir}, N.~R. And {Monfardini}, A. And {Gomboc}, A. And {Barthelmy}, S. And {Bannister}, N.~P.


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Volume: 374

Parent Publication: \mnras

Issue: astro-ph/0611554