Status of the Dark Energy Survey Camera (DECam) project (2012)

First Author: {Flaugher}, B.~L. And {Abbott}, T.~M.~C. And {Angstadt}, R. And {Annis}, J. And {Antonik}, M.~L. And {Bailey}, J. And {Ballester}, O. And {Bernstein}, J.~P. And {Bernstein}, R.~A. And {Bonati}, M. And {Bremer}, G. And {Briones}, J. And {Brooks}, D. And {Buckley-Geer}, E.~J. And {Campa}, J. And {Cardiel-Sas}, L. And {Castander}, F. And {Castilla}, J. And {Cease}, H. And {Chappa}, S. And {Chi}, E.~C. And {da Costa}, L. And {DePoy}, D.~L. And {Derylo}, G. And {de Vincente}, J. And {Diehl}, H.~T. A


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Volume: 8446