This chapter uses micro data from the Brazilian Pesquisa Nacional Por Amostra de Domic?lios (PNAD) between 1981 and 2002 to ascertain the role that local labor demand proxied by male adult employment in the area of residence plays in shaping the work and schooling decisions of children aged 10Ð15 years. We find that child work is on average procyclical, while school enrollment is essentially unaffected by local labor market conditions: As local labor demand conditions improve, children are more

First Author: Akee, Randall K.Q.; Edmonds, Eric V.; Tatsiramos, Konstantinos
Attributed to:  Centre for Economic Performance 2010-2015 funded by ESRC


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Type: Book Chapter

Book Title: Child Labor and the Transition Between School and Work (2010)

Page Reference: 321-354

ISBN: 9780857240002