Augmented Intelligence for the business, by the business

Lead Participant: HUBLSOFT LIMITED


Data, when viewed as an asset, has almost limitless potential in its ability to create value and change the world. The pandemic has shone a light on this, further accelerating demand for digital solutions, and the skills required to understand and exploit them.

These skills perform the translation between a data world that is technical and complex, into something meaningful -- to a business, or society, for example. Enormous innovation has gone into making tools smarter and smarter, but this makes them more complex, and therefore requires more technical specialism to operate. This is the realm of the data scientist.

We are now faced with a serious skills crisis, a scarcity of data scientists which has more than tripled over 5 years, leaving Britain vulnerable (The Royal Society, 2019). On one side we have unprecedented demand to exploit data, remain competitive, achieve progress; on the other we simply don't have enough skilled capacity to achieve it.

So what do we do? Clearly there is a role for upskilling and education to increase supply, but this will not be sufficient to cope. A new approach is needed that removes the skills dependency, whilst still achieving the same outcomes.

Hublsoft has already pioneered a new human-first approach to basic data analysis, which has removed the barriers for non-technical people to do this themselves and augments their ability to extract value from vast or complicated data landscapes. This eliminates the cost and dependency on business intelligence specialists or data analysts.

We are now extending this approach into more sophisticated decision intelligence, to offer an entirely new solution to the data science skills problem.

By incorporating a variety of AI and ML techniques into our existing human-centric platform, we can enable business people to perform data science tasks without needing specialist skills, penetrating the augmented intelligence market from a new angle, with a £ multi-billion addressable opportunity.

The project will deliver a beta version of a new business simulation experience, to empower leaders and decision-makers plot their course. Automated data-driven intelligence will be generated real-time, supporting the journey leaders go on when evaluating the predicted impact of business decisions.

Crucially, the insight generated will augment not dictate. For this to work, the user must remain in total control, and have complete transparency and trust in what they and the technology are doing, which is at the heart of the human-centric experience Hublsoft have built.

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