Maintaining UK Dominance in Polarisation mAintaining Components (MUDPAC)


As fibre optic devices increase in sophistication, there is an increasing demand for better polarisation control and polarisation maintaining components. In many cases, polarisation control optimises performance, e.g. interferometric techniques such as optical coherence tomography (OCT). For many current applications, the existing PM couplers are of insufficient performance and an in-house "work-around" is required.

The MUDPAC consortium aims to address the growing need for improved PM components by developing "coupler-friendly" fibre, a workstation and process for PM coupler manufacture using the fibre, and then test component performance for state of the art pulsed high power applications suitable for new market challenges.

THE FIBRE: Led by Fibercore, who have recently developed a "coupler-friendly" fibre, various stress-rod materials and geometries will be investigated and tested to produce a new high quality product.

THE WORKSTATION: Led by Gooch & Housego, using an in-house knowledge of PM fibre coupler manufacturing processes, a novel method will be devised for the new fibre, as well as a workstation optimised to implement such a process.

THE TESTING: Led by Fianium, the components will be subjected to high power and long-term testing, with the results fed back to the other partners for the iterative process leading to improved fibres and components.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

GOOCH & HOUSEGO (TORQUAY) LIMITED £473,547 £ 234,490


FIBERCORE LIMITED £240,045 £ 116,230
NKT PHOTONICS LTD £177,685 £ 106,604


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