Unique mulberry extract for blood sugar management

Lead Participant: Phynova Group Limited


The project combines the expertise of 4 UK partners to characterise, formulate & develop a UK supply chain for IminoNorm™, a proprietary natural ingredient that, when incorporated into foods & beverages, can address diet-related health conditions such as diabetes and obesity. IminoNorm™ is derived from mulberry leaves which have a strong traditional history of use, particularly in South East Asia (SEA), for blood sugar management. The project will enable the partners to capture a greater share of the product’s value chain, increase UK R&D investment & open up global commercial markets.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Phynova Group Limited, LONG HANBOROUGH £393,346 £ 236,008


University of Southampton, United Kingdom £61,993 £ 61,993
Phytoquest Limited, ABERYSTWYTH £40,387 £ 24,232
Neem Biotech Ltd, United Kingdom £95,141 £ 57,000


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