Electro-Mechanical Magnetic Actuator Systems (EMMAS)


The Electro-Mechanical-Magnetic Actuator Systems (EMMAS) project aims to create safer, quiter, more-reliable electro-mechanical actuator designs, containing electronics suitable for extreme environments (wide temperature ranges, and high vibration). These actuators will be vibration resiliant, have capacity to thermally regulate, require less maintenance, and be resistant to ‘jamming’ when permanently or temporarily overloaded. All aspects of the actuator design process will be evaluated throughout the program. The main program topics include the development of control strategies and drive electronics, investigation of using novel magnetic gearing technology to replace a conventional motor and gear train, and full system analysis of electro-mechanical performance. The objective of the project is to advance technology capability within electro-mechanical actuation, with a key focus on increasing reliability, safety and passenger experience.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Triumph Aerospace Operations Uk, Ltd., Farnborough £234,941 £ 117,470


Triumph Actuation Systems - Uk, Ltd., LONDON £630,684 £ 315,343
Magnomatics Limited, Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM £959,913 £ 575,948
University of Sheffield, United Kingdom £326,847 £ 326,847
Romax Technology Ltd., NOTTINGHAM £374,588 £ 224,753


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