Innovation in services for off-grid hydrogen energy

Lead Participant: Commercial Limited


This project aims to produce a convenient, low-cost and low carbon energy service to customers who need power in remote situations, such as construction sites, environmental monitoring or transport equipement. The service will use hydrogen as a fuel and fuel cells as the power source, together optimised to match the power requirements of modern low energy equipment and lighting. This energy service will aim to replace conventional, noisy, polluting and inefficient deisel or petrol generators where posisble. By providing a service the partners aim to help companies make the switch to new cleaner technologies.
The project is led by Commercial Group who are an integrated buysiness services company used to delivering services to customers and the first company in its sector to be Carbon Neutral and Zero Waste. Arcola Energy brings hydrogen and fuel cells expertise to enable a service and BOC has many years of experience and significant previous investment into hydrogen energy systems.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Commercial Limited, CHELTENHAM £63,914 £ 38,349


Arcola Energy Limited, London, United Kingdom £104,941 £ 62,965
Boc Limited, THE SURREY RESEARCH PARK, £65,349 £ 32,674


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