IODiCUS - Interoperable Open Digital Control Unit System


The Interoperable Open Digital Control Unit System Project (IODiCUS) seeks to demonstrate the technical viability and future market for a connected energy network, in buildings with microgeneration and local energy storage and optimised interaction with the electricity grid. The project builds on the "Interoperability of energy harvesting, storage and use" feasibiility study funded under the TSB Buildings Better Connected Call and will utilise algorithms executing dynamic decision making of the use of microgenerated electricity locally to the building, options for local storage, or for selling to, or buying back from, the electricity grid. It will use a representative set of buildings, residences and dwellings in and around the University of Bristol to demonstrate the efficacy of a Localised Energy System. It will develop Open Digital Control Units and Secure Communication Devices for measuring each energy input, store or output and develop algorithms that aim to delivering stable loads despite intermittency. IODiCUS will evaluate the technical and commercial merits, along with the future needs and constraints of the residential or business customer.




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