'"Tier2Tier": A collaboration interface between construction main contractors and their supply chain specialist sub-contractors


It has been recognised that the benefits of BIM will not be realised without the collaboration of the main contractor’s supply chain: Tier 2 and beyond. There are significant barriers to this and it is unlikely that the CDE for Level 2 BIM is achievable without overcoming them. In response, Tier2Tier is a SaaS-based solution that will provide the Tier 2 specialist with an independent, controlled, bi-directional, cloud-based micro collaboration portal, allowing the 2-way transfer of validated information from tender through to final account. The envisaged service supports the goals of BSI B/555 Roadmap by facilitating controlled inputs, tender exchange, contract administration, automated payment transactions, change management, and COBie data transfer; all whilst minimising user expense. This collaborative project addresses the obstacles to participation of the wider project supply chain in the CDEs required for project teams to attain Level 2 BIM Maturity. This will be achieved by the re-examination of the business-to-business processes of tendering, invoicing, change management and payment, as well as using new “Big Data” and Social-graph approaches to manage multiple BIM projects.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Viewpoint Construction Software Ltd, Newcastle Upon Tyne £456,778 £ 228,389


Ng Bailey Limited, ILKLEY £13,661 £ 5,951
Vinci Construction UK Limited, WATFORD £48,120 £ 24,060
Northumbria University, United Kingdom £186,190 £ 186,190


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