Advanced heat recovery systems for the food manufacturing industry, DEXT

Lead Participant: Dext Heat Recovery Limited


Dext heat recovery (DHR) specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke heat recovery systems, which enable their clients to significantly reduce energy costs and improve their profitability, environmental impact, and security of supply chain. Exhaust gases from industrial food manufacture can be dirty and corrosive, and contain particles that will build-up and coat the surfaces of heat recovery systems. In this type of application traditional heat recovery heat exchangers can easily become clogged or damaged. DEXT have succeeded in bringing a product to market for which is used with great success in commercial kitchens. This project is focused on developing the innovations to extend their heat recovery systems for application in the food manufacturing industry, working with the supply-chain and end-users to enable the food industry to benefit from the advantages this brings.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Dext Heat Recovery Limited, BARROWFORD £204,930 £ 122,958


Dci Refrigeration & Electrical Limited, PORTSMOUTH £151,220 £ 86,898
Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom £182,351 £ 182,351
William Jackson Food Group Limited, HESSLE £117,695 £ 58,848


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