Protected Anodes for Litium Sulfur Batteries (PALIS)

Lead Participant: Johnson Matthey Plc


The Protected Anodes for Lithium Sulphur Batteries Project (PALIS) will project will develop an innovative

protected lithium anode component for use in Li-S batteries. The technology will mitigate detrimental side

reactions in the cells, delivering higher performance, high energy density and lower cost Li-S cells for use in

smart grid energy storage applications. The approach also enables replacement of critical metals such as Co/Ni

currently used in Li-ion batteries with lower cost carbon, sulphur and lithium. The consortium of Johnson

Matthey, Oxford University, Ilika Technologies Ltd, Warwick Manufacturing Group and Williams Advanced

Engineering combines skills in novel materials and electrode design, PVD and polymer composite coating, scale

up of electrodes and industrially relevant sized pouch cells, also cell, module, pack testing and system design.

The project will ultimately deliver a module design study, assessing the performance of the new technology

components interlinking performance of project cells with usage patterns/cycles for energy/power in main

market applications in the energy storage sector.


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