Collaborative and AdaPtive Integrated Transport Across Land and Sea (CAPITALS)


‘Collaborative and AdaPtive Integrated Transport Across Land and Sea’ (CAPITALS) is a 2 year project that brings

together 15 organisations and stakeholders covering the land and sea logistics chain. The project will develop

novel multi-modal transport solutions for seamless movement of freight and people across transport modes

(sea, road and rail). The project specifically addresses congestion and delays around ports and their hinterlands

resulting the growing numbers and sizes of vessels, lorries and rail wagons. As an island nation, with more than

95% of imports and exports going by sea, the UK economy is critically dependent on shipping and inland

connections. Using pioneering techniques and advanced algorithms to exploit maritime, road, rail, local

authority and other data, CAPITALS will develop user-centred applications and services to better synchronise

shipping, vehicle and rail movements to achieve greater capacity and efficiency from existing infrastructure.

CAPITALS solutions will initially be trialled in Liverpool and Humber to validate the benefits, and then define a

roadmap for national and international scale-up.


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