HyPACE: Hybrid Petrol Advanced Combustion Engine

Lead Participant: Jaguar Land Rover Limited


An innovative research project led by Jaguar Land Rover, HyPACE (Hybrid Petrol Advanced Combustion Engine)

will investigate new petrol engine technologies. The collaboration will integrate UK expertise from JLR

(Combustion and Development), Borg Warner UK (Advanced Boosting Systems), Johnson Matthey UK

(Emissions Control Technology), Cambustion (Emissions Development), MAHLE Powertrain UK (Engineering

Consulting Services) and the University of Oxford (Advanced Optical Combustion Diagnostics). The collaborative

project will target 10% engine fuel economy improvement in combination with emissions reduction and

enhanced drivability. The collaborative project is part of JLR's wider strategy for lower emissions and improved

engine fuel efficiency. While developing technical innovations, the partners will increase UK automotive

competitiveness and skills. The project is aligned with the continued JLR investment in powertrain research as

shown by the £1bn investment in the Wolverhampton Engine Manufacturing Centre.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Jaguar Land Rover Limited, COVENTRY £1,643,154 £ 821,577


University of Oxford, United Kingdom £406,188 £ 405,760
Borgwarner Limited, BRADFORD £548,161 £ 274,081
Johnson Matthey Plc, LONDON £260,170 £ 130,085
Mahle Powertrain Limited, NORTHAMPTON £567,735 £ 283,878
Cambustion Limited, Cambridge, United Kingdom £327,492 £ 196,505


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