Innovative Assembly Processes and Equipment for Healthier Foods' Emulsions and New Market Opportunities


The project fully aligns with the Innovate UK Competition,“Optimising Food Composition: Fat, Sugar, Salt and

Fibre”. Accordingly it will target the development of innovative and protectable ingredients’ assembly

processes and equipment for complex fluids which accord with the modern manufacturing paradigm of process

intensification. Such processes and equipment will enable innovative and protectable foods’ intermediates and

products with reduced fat, sugar, and/or salt and increased dietary fibre to be manufactured with improved

sensorial attributes of mouthfeel, texture, flavour release, and appearance to increase consumer appeal, and

will have a neutral impact on supply chain cost structures and consumer affordability. The Consortium will build

on its collective skills in the formulation of fast moving consumer goods, encapsulation, and the design and

supply of high end process equipment. The advances within the project will be equally applicable to

intermediates and products in many process sectors. The Consortium will actively seek to ensure that advances

within the project are disseminated to and exploited within those sectors.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Unilever U.K. Central Resources Limited, Bedford £633,170 £ 316,585


Maelstrom Advanced Process Technologies Ltd., DERBYSHIRE £99,146 £ 69,402
University of Liverpool, United Kingdom £264,004 £ 264,004


10 25 50