Reduced Fat and salt in soups, sauces and ready meals by utilisation of novel processing to creat novel microstructures


The project will aim to develop healthier products within the fresh category that deliver an improved

nutritional composition whilst still maintaining great taste and quality. The innovative aspect is the use of

cutting edge technology and ingredients without the need for the addition of flavours to deliver reductions in

nutrients that are commonly over consumed in the UK diet (such as fat, saturates, sugar and salt). This will help

to facilitate progress on some key government initiatives outlined in the Public Health Responsibility Deal

Pledges and aims to impact on a large number of food products and therefore have a positive impact on

consumer health. The resulting outputs could revolutionise product formulation throughout the food industry

to deliver high quality products with improved nutritional credentials.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd £100,169 £ 46,178


D C Norris & Company Ltd., LONDON £254,889 £ 152,933
New-Food Innovation Ltd, Chesterfield £127,538 £ 89,277
Oscar Mayer Limited, ERITH £96,778 £ 48,389
Biopolymer Solutions Limited, MARKFIELD £59,282 £ 40,966
University of Chester, United Kingdom £150,000 £ 150,000
Ungerer Limited £55,895 £ 27,948


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