Mobility On-Demand Laboratory Environment (MODLE)

Lead Participant: Esoterix Systems Limited


MODLE (The Mobility on Demand Laboratory Environment) will develop, test, and refine a new transport

service that combines the convenience of point-to-point journeys with the environmental and cost benefits of

shared use. Think of it as a taxi-bus, intelligently routed by real-time and predicted demand. Ultimately the

service will usurp the car as the convenient choice in areas dogged by congestion and intense competition for

parking space. And, in so doing, it will provide an attractive last-mile solution that complements and augments

the use of existing scheduled public transport services, for example bus or rail. The service will also explore the

use of new business models to ensure that it is competitively priced at point of use and sustainable in the long-

term. The project builds on a detailed feasibility study conducted in 2014.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Esoterix Systems Limited £1,047,210 £ 628,326


Transport Systems Catapult, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom £319,554 £ 319,554
First Bristol Limited, BRISTOL £115,414 £ 57,707
University of the West of England, Bristol's International College, Bristol £225,645 £ 225,645
Bristol City Council, United Kingdom £63,776 £ 63,776


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