Embedded Electronic Packaging for Compound Semiconductor Power Applications

Lead Participant: Tribus-D Ltd


There is a growing need to generate, convert and distribute electric power from the source to the load, which is fulfilled through the use of power electronics. Packaging and assembly of the power electronics modules is important in determining the efficiency, size, weight and manufacturing costs. This project will seek to establish manufacturing methods to maximise thermal dissipation and minimise circuit parasitics through advanced interconnection and device embedding techniques and create a UK controlled supply chain for the manufacture of customised smart power modules.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Tribus-D Ltd, Cambridge, £58,622 £ 41,035


University of Oxford, United Kingdom £24,282 £ 24,282
UltrawiSE Innovation Limited, Bishop's Stortford £12,162 £ 8,513


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