Silicon Carbide Interconnect Optimisation Project

Lead Participant: Dzp Technologies Limited


The Silicon Carbide Interconnect Optimisation Project (SCIOP) aims to develop a novel form of die interconnect for the power electronics sector. The project objectives are to explore alternative materials, processes and adhesion technologies which can contribute to improved power module performance and simplified production processes. Improved performance and reduced cost in the enabling technologies of power electronics, due to the pervasive nature of the technology (electric motors, power grids, etc.), has the potential to make a significant contribution in helping the UK exploit semiconductor innovation and in a broader context help move to a low-carbon economy.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Dzp Technologies Limited, Cambridge, United Kingdom £155,109 £ 108,576


Anvil Semiconductors Limited, Coventry, United Kingdom £88,065 £ 61,646


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