DREAM: Distortion Reduction and Elimination for Additive Manufacturing

Lead Participant: Granta Design Limited


Selective Laser Melting (SLM) is a powder bed fusion additive manufacturing (AM) process that is capable of producing metallic parts in a layer-by-layer fashion directly from CAD data. SLM can produce complex parts with near-full density and mechanical properties comparable to those provided by conventional casting and forming. Although there has been significant research into the entire SLM supply chain, one of the key challenges to the widespread adoption of SLM is the inability to achieve repeatable, high-quality parts from every SLM build. The reduction of distortion in SLM components is critical for ensuring a right-first-time SLM build. The DREAM project will address this challenge through a multidisciplinary digital approach, coupling real-time data acquisition, advanced modelling, cloud-based computing, and adaptive machine process parameter control to achieve zero-distortion builds.

The project approach will be independent of powder supplier and machine manufacturer. The software, hardware, and cloud-based solution will allow internet-enabled machines and systems to identify distortion during the build process and make real-time decisions and forecasts about process parameter controls to mitigate and control distortion during the build process. The outcomes will result in cost reduction, higher material utilisation, improved quality assurance, and reduced design cycle times in the SLM process chain.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Granta Design Limited, Cambridge £335,091 £ 201,055


Materialise Uk Limited, Rotherham £258,462 £ 129,231
The Welding Institute £403,944 £ 403,944
Nquiringminds Limited, Southampton, United Kingdom £320,947 £ 224,663


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