A-PATH: Affordable Preventative and Assistive Technology for Healthcare


A-PATH aims at improving healthcare and quality of life by fostering research collaboration between experienced UK and Indian organisations to develop affordable wearable bio-sensing and human motion monitoring suits and exoskeletons to assist essential human motions. The new technologies are aimed at elderly and physically challenged persons/workers for medical and non-medical applications.
Exploitable outputs comprises sensing suits to assess health and physical activity level, both of which can decline due to ageing and disablity. The development includes prototyping of the upper and lower body exosklitons and their corresponding biosuits; IoT based remote user interfacing for data collection, data processing and storage, management and reporting; assembly, testing, demonstrating and showcasing of the fully assembled exoskliton setup, exploitation and dissimination activites in promoting and marketing of the technology for the revenue genration and knowledge sharing.
This technology will be fully exploited in the Indian market as an affordable and accessible solution through private/direct sale and healthcare organisations. This technology will make significant impact on physically challenged individuals' life style by helping them to sit, stand up and walk with minimal or no support at all from carers, whilst users' movement/ user behaviour as well as their physiology parameters such as heart beat, body temperature and pressure are logged and monitored from remotely by health autherties and/or carers, thereby increase the empowerment and independancy of the users. Use of this technology in work places in India will encourage/help more physically challenged people to continue/resume their working life, whilst help Indian employers better manage the work operations, helping individulas to earn money, whilst help employers reduce their operational cost in supervision and mnitoring and insurance. The technology when fully exploited and/or commercialised will also make signification impact on Indian economy by creating more jobs in the R&D, healthcare and manufacturing and thereby improve the revenue generation for the India partners as well as for the constituent members of their supply chain. Cost and resource saving in transport and staffing for the healthcare authorities in India will be greatly improved by this technology's proven IoT based remote monitoring and management user interfacing

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Innovative Technology and Science Limited, CAMBRIDGE


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