Sensor & Satelite Asset Alert and Management System (SSAAMS)

Lead Participant: Amey Owr Limited


The Sensor and Satellite Asset Alert and Management System (SSAAMS) project will take a systemic approach to improving infrastructure management of energy, transport and urban earthwork systems. The core innovation of the proposed system is the development of business decision support tools based on the analysis of low cost sensor data, combined with open access satellite data, and other sources of data to monitor and predict areas of high risk where disruption to urban living might occur. A monitoring and alerting system will identify potential and actual ‘failure’ events so asset managers (e.g. Amey, Network Rail and Local Authorities such as Sheffield City Council and Buckinghamshire County Council) can take proactive action to mitigate a potential event, or to react quickly and precisely to detected failures therefore making the infrastructure assets more resilient and minimise costly future interventions as well as improving the daily lives of citizens. The benefits of SSAAMS include: 1) improved intelligence, 2) greater asset resilience and longer lifetime expectancy, 3) reduced cost of asset management and event failure incidents, and 4) reduced impacts on citizens from transport, energy and urban system disruptions.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Amey Owr Limited, Oxford £336,264 £ 168,132


Senceive Limited, London £272,543 £ 190,780
University of Birmingham, United Kingdom £114,446 £ 114,446
Rezatec Limited, Oxford, United Kingdom £244,984 £ 171,489


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