"_Flowsheets_ is an eighteen-month project to research and develop tools that let business professionals make and explore complex, robust, numerical models of financial, logistical, workforce and other business operations. It will create, test and demonstrate novel ways of formulating and analysing numerical models built on explicit high performance processing flow graphs of structured data.

Accurate, timely, data modelling and analysis is increasingly important to an organisation's success. Such models allow the business to plan for the future, explore shifting market dynamics, as well as map and optimise their internal processes.

Business professionals have the domain expertise that drives the demand for data modelling, and are the ones who apply any insight gained. They lack the skills and appropriate tools, however, that would allow them to model and analyse data effectively, forcing them down one of two avenues; either stretch the limited, error-prone, functionality of spreadsheets to breaking point, creating unsophisticated models; or rely on data scientists to create sophisticated data modelling and analysis. As a result demand for data scientists is outstripping supply, at the same time as the increasing scale of data collected is making model performance ever more important.

Filigree will develop a disruptive software tool that empowers business professionals to model and analyse data without recourse to data scientists, while only requiring from them the technical skills of a competent spreadsheet user. _Flowsheets_ will use a novel high performance flow based data processing architecture to bring robust modelling and analytical techniques to ordinary business professionals. Filigree's founders have experience from the Visual Effects post-production industry of building packages that deal with complex data processing and scale issues which can be applied to the world of numerical modelling.

Filigree will exploit the results by subscription income to all versions of their application, as well as technology licensing to OEMs. Imperial will benefit from their involvement in developing technologies in a new field, thus raising their international reputation."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Filigree Technologies Limited, London £540,383 £ 378,268


Imperial College London, United Kingdom £191,793 £ 191,793


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