Lead Participant: Magway Limited


The UK road network carries 73% of all freight journeys, and the rapid changes in distribution of goods due to growth in online retailing places new strains on road transport infrastructure. Road congestion is a major concern, especially in urban environments, and emissions from motor vehicles are a major cause of air pollution. Moreover, the existing transport system is not sustainable, as road haulage is almost exclusively powered by fossil fuels, especially for larger vans and HGVs, where electric vehicles are not feasible due to the excessive mass and cost of the batteries that would be required.

We are creating a next-generation transport link for e-commerce and light freight, which will take traffic off the roads, easing congestion, and which produces zero emissions and can exploit renewable resources.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Magway Limited, London £350,564 £ 245,395


Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation, London £12,857 £ 9,000
Ocado Innovation Limited, Hatfield £25,676 £ 12,838
Force Engineering Limited, Nr Loughborough £105,204 £ 73,643
Trl Limited, Wokingham £52,991 £ 52,991
Space Syntax Limited £106,706 £ 74,694


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