AACE: AI-enabled Automated Cost and carbon Estimating

Lead Participant: Skanska Technology Limited



The construction industry is currently very inefficient at designing solutions from concept with accurate **cost** & **carbon** data. This current state often leads to delays and cost inflation which are accepted as the norm within the sector (McKinsey, 2016). The vision is to deliver a solution that bridges this gap by developing a standard data structure and mapping methodology that enables an automated quantity take-off from Uniclass to Standard **Methods of Measurement** (MoM) in cost planning.

This solution will enable construction projects to leverage the full benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM), leading to shorter pre-construction phases, reduced project management costs, greater visibility of carbon emissions and overall improved cost & carbon control.

AACE (AI-enabled Automated Cost and carbon Estimation) will be an applied demonstrator, proof of concept (80% industrial and 20% experimental), focusing on commercial growth for the consortium partners as well as productivity improvements for the sector. AACE will deliver:

* Development of a software solution to **automate take-offs** from the BIM model using **Artificial Intelligence** (AI)
* An information workflow that enables the efficient use of BIM models in a process of project take-offs for cost and carbon planning and estimation
* Deployment of a comprehensive and standardised approach to whole life cost and carbon estimation

The project consortium consists of:

* **Skanska** - Cost and carbon estimating technical specialists
* **Nomitech** -- SME - provider of 5D BIM software and development
* **Mott MacDonald** - BIM authoring and developing standardised libraries
* **MTC** -- Expertise in developing and implementing AI solutions
* **HS2** -- Infrastructure owner providing a demonstrator environment and route to market
* **RICS** -- professional body responsible for setting and regulating standards in surveying. It has an extensive experience in production and distribution of cost and carbon libraries

The best practice guidelines and standardised libraries will be openly shared to commercial and carbon estimating specialists through RICS. AACE outputs will be disseminated to the wider construction industry (i3P and Construction Innovation Hub).


Skanska estimate that these improved data flows and working practices will significantly reduce project pre-construction and constructions costs by c.13% across the delivery life-cycle. This will:

* reduce carbon by 30% and 10% embodied and operational carbon respectively
* deliver cost savings of c.£2.4m pa for Skanska, potentially leading to a £2.5bn saving across the sector

AACE forms part of strategically aligned projects that have been reviewed and endorsed by i3P to maximise the industry-wide impact."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Skanska Technology Limited, London, United Kingdom £236,543 £ 106,444


Nomitech Ltd £190,896 £ 124,082
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
Manufacturing Technology Centre, COVENTRY £149,963 £ 149,963
Hs2 Ltd, London £54,000
Mott Macdonald Limited, CROYDON £50,300 £ 17,605


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