DAITAS (Developing Automated Assembly & Inspection Technologies for Aircraft Structures) is an
initiative led by GKN Aerospace; aimed at advancing current technologies and knowledge in
Automated Assembly and Inspection for current and future aerospace platforms.
This important topic has been identified as critical for the intermediate future operations across GKN
Industrial Group, given the potential gains in productivity-efficiency-repeatability and quality are
GKN Aerospace, global Tier 1 supplier for the Aerospace and Automotive industries, brings a wealth
of experience and background managing research & technology initiatives.
Partnering in this project is Bombardier Aerospace, one of the largest Aerospace organisations in the
world, with years of experience leading successful Research & Technology initiatives.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

GKN Aerospace Services Limited, East Cowes, United Kingdom £6,500,000 £ 3,250,000


Short Brothers Plc, BELFAST £1,500,000 £ 750,000


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