SMPP (Scaleable Multi-Platorm Power Systems)


The SMPP project (Scaleable, Multi-Platform Power) will establish More-Electric Aircraft electrical systems requirements for a range of aircraft types and will develop systems and sub-systems that will work well together to address power generation, power distribution / conversion and flight critical power consumption. During this work, the consortium will encourage airframers to contribute to and to evaluate the work performed by the consortium. The outputs will be a range of systems and equipment technologies developed through to TRL 6 such that future opportunities for validation on aircraft can be supported.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

SAFRAN ELECTRICAL & POWER UK LTD £6,499,486 £ 3,065,808


GE AVIATION SYSTEMS LIMITED £3,579,424 £ 1,688,572
RAYTHEON SYSTEMS LIMITED £1,582,025 £ 746,311
GOODRICH CONTROL SYSTEMS £7,007,748 £ 3,305,554
UNIVERSITY OF STRATHCLYDE £1,301,684 £ 1,301,684
ROLLS-ROYCE PLC £4,235,841 £ 1,998,046


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