Lead Participant: Magellium Ltd


A new web service (ORTHOWEB) is proposed for CEMS providing a wide user community with low-cost, easy-to-use access to satellite image orthorectification methods. It is ideally suited to low-cost high-resolution imagers with low-accuracy ground processing. An image taken by a low-cost satellite platform at 1m resolution is of no use if the accuracy of the geolocation is 100m or worse. ORTHOWEB corrects for imprecise pointing information. The service fully preserves the confidentiality of the data communication, as only a low semantic content, 1% statistical subsample ("essential image") is transferred. All the geometric processing is performed from the subsample on the server side. ORTHOWEB is intended to be one of the first commercial, innovative Earth Observation data services operated on CEMS infrastructure, offering low-cost methods for image processing. It will be a major factor in reducing the total cost of operation of a satellite platform.

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Magellium Ltd, LONDON


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