Mars Rover Autonomy using Endocrine based Algorithms (ENDOVER)

Lead Participant: Airbus Group Limited


Endocrine based algorithms which mimic biological processes have been shown to have applications in the area of autonomous power management on robotic vehicles. This project intends to adapt the work carried out in the UK for use by robot rovers on the surface of Mars. The highly dynamic power generation and load profiles in this environment mean that the currently used simple operational schedules have significant margins built in, such that the rover will stop all activities if one criterion is not met. The proposed technique will enable a more intelligent autonomous assessment of the power available, and will allow the rover to carry out low risk, low power activities that can significantly improve the science return. These activities could include imaging and other surface or atmospheric sensing. It is anticipated that there will be other space based opportunities for this technique where autonomy will add to the science or commercial return from a mission or product.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Airbus Group Limited, LONDON £83,088 £ 26,821


Airbus Defence And Space Limited, Stevenage £17,315 £ 5,186
Aberystwyth University, United Kingdom £35,754 £ 35,754


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