Connected Peterborough

Lead Participant: Peterborough City Council


Peterborough is uniquely placed to integrate its system and service delivery across a complex, mid-sized high-growth urban area. As home of the UK's Environment Capital, it has unrivalled relationships with high quality, innovative companies and other organisations, that will develop the city as the perfect test-bed for ground-breaking solutions and products. Peterborough is already a world-leader in its 'Peterborough Model': a virtual platform visualising environmental performance in whole-city terms, encouraging collaboration between all agencies to accelerate system optimisation. This will be developed into an Integrated Operations Control to further enhance system management and showcase results using live-time data. As the Future Cities Demonstrator, Peterborough will deliver a step-change in its city systems for community, environmental and economic benefit.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Peterborough City Council, Peterborough, United Kingdom £50,000 £ 50,000


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