Evaluation of a novel process to obtain a high value polyester intermediate from lignin

Lead Participant: Biome Technologies PLC


The environmental and social concerns surrounding the use of fossil fuels and food crops make lignin a compelling target as a source of chemicals. Often considered a waste product, it may provide a sustainable source of building blocks for aromatic chemicals; in particular, aromatic diacids that can be used for polyesters or polyamides in bioplastics. The project will evaluate the feasibility of production and commercialisation of one of these, a substituted phthalic acid from lignin using pathway engineering and through scale-up of a novel fermentation processes. Working on the project are teams including Professors Bugg and Lapkin from the University of Warwick’s Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Departments and engineers and technologists from Biome Technologies.

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Biome Technologies PLC, Southampton, United Kingdom
University of Warwick, United Kingdom £65,208 £ 65,208




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