High Dynamic Range Spectroscopic Radiation Detectors

Lead Participant: KROMEK LIMITED


We will test the feasibility of novel radiation detectors having a larger dynamic range than currently available devices achieved by an innovative electrode geometry on the radiation detector itself. The electrode will comprise pixels of differing sizes. These new instruments would allow high-resolution spectroscopy in environments where very high levels of radiation exist, in addition to measurements in low dose environments; a range typically encountered in nuclear power generation scenarios. This removes the need for multiple detectors to be carried for different environments, speeds up making measurements and decisions, improves safety, and reduces cost. Trial detectors with test electrode geometries will be made using our existing manufacturing capability and tested in high dose environments to assess their performance and determine if they will be suitable for inclusion in a final manufacturable and saleable device. Final technology readiness level at the end of the project is expected to be level 4 or 5.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

KROMEK LIMITED £147,971 £ 110,978






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