Development of a driftless thermometer to improve safety and efficiency in the nuclear power industry

Lead Participant: Metrosol Limited


Metrosol Limited, an established manufacturer of high precision temperature metrology products, will collaborate with NPL (the National Physical Laboratory) in the development of a novel type of thermometer based on Johnson Noise. This thermometer will be driftless and as such will improve the measurement of temperature in nuclear power plants. The measurement of temperature is crucial to the safe operation of these plants so this technology will assist in continuing to provide safe nuclear power in the future. It will also enable nuclear power plants to operate safely at higher temperatures, which will improve efficiency. An initial target is to improve efficiency by 3.3% , which would reduce the cost of electricity generated by nuclear by the corresponding amount and also displace higher carbon sources. With the current generating mix planned by the UK government, the efficiency improvement would reduce carbon emissions by 4,100t (metric tonnes) per day or 60 million tonnes over the life of the reactors.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Metrosol Limited, SOUTHPORT £112,472 £ 84,373


Npl Management Limited, TEDDINGTON £36,194 £ 23,526


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