Feasibility study for a model-based engineering toolbox for shale gas wastewater treatment


The exploitation of shale gas is likely to be critical to UK security of energy supply, balance of payments and competiveness of the manufacturing industries in the future. However there is strong public opposition, largely because of environmental concerns focused on public perception of large quantities of contaminated water being produced. For this reason, safe and effective design, operation and monitoring of fracturing and flowback water treatment processes is crucial. Model-based engineering is a key technology to achieve these, but currently no suitable comprehensive set of tools exists. This feasibility study proposal is for pre-commercial development of a high-fidelity modelling toolbox for optimal design and operation of shale gas water treatment facilities based on transferring, adapting and extending well-established existing technology and expertise from other sectors such as chemicals & petrochemicals and conventional wastewater treatment. It also involves engagement of key stakeholders to explore the requirements and potential applications for subsequent commercial development of product and services based on the pre-commercil development.

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Process Systems Enterprise Limited, London, United Kingdom £130,013 £ 97,510


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