Galileo Enhanced Robust Time Server (GERTS)


Galileo Enhanced Robust Time Server (GERTS) is a study to prototype a robust time server. It investigates the suitability of using Field Programmable RFs (FPRF) for GNSS. The processing will use a new innovative real-time FFT based block processing algorithm. This enables fast, high quality robust GNSS signal tracking. Robustness is realised in a number of ways including jamming, interference and multipath immunity. The bandwidths are such that PRS snippets could be included to ensure the signals are authentic.
This project applies UK developed silicon technology and UK developed processing algorithms to the problem of using Galileo Satellite signals to provide a high availability and un-corruptible time source, where loss of an accurate time source would cause serious problems for productivity, utility provision and safety: for example in public utility distribution networks, manufacturing systems and some defence applications.

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Airbus Defence And Space Limited, Stevenage
Lime Microsystems Ltd, GUILDFORD £25,458 £ 17,800




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