Endurance - Graphene based coatings for durable wear resistant low cost position sensors


In recent years there has been an exponential increase in embedded electronics within cars as OEMs strive to

satisfy consumer demand for greater comfort, safety, convenience, reliability, fuel efficiency, infotainment and

fun, and stringent legislative targets for automotive emissions. Position sensors represent a key enabling

technology used for monitoring and control of systems throughout the car, from engine management through

to pedal position monitoring. Consumers demand intelligence as standard and at no extra cost. The state of the

art provides two sensor types: i) contact based devices (low performance at low cost); and ii) non-contact

devices (high performance at high cost). Utilising the unique properties of graphene based coatings (wear

resistance combined with customised conductivity and barrier) the ENDURANCE consortium will assess the

feasibility for development of a low cost high performance linear and encoder position sensors enabling

realisation of disruptive solutions meeting well defined user needs. The ENDURANCE technology has the

potential to extend far beyond the automotive market (£770m) to secondary markets worth >£7.4 billion.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Precision Varionic International Limited, Swindon £97,341 £ 68,139


University College London, United Kingdom £49,365
Dycotec Materials Ltd £100,008 £ 70,006


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